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A sign outside the town of Hawthorne, where the incident occurred. Source: Facebook

Deaf man beaten and tasered by police after he tried to communicate with sign language

31-year old Jonathan Meister, a resident of the city of Hawthorne in southwestern Los Angeles County, is filing a lawsuit against the local police department after a misunderstanding led to him being beaten and tasered twice by officers. According to the lawsuit, Mr Meister, who is deaf, was collecting some […]

December 17, 2016 US
An unrelated file photo of a British bus. Source: Facebook

Business owner creates bus stop outside pub by using discarded sign

The owner of the Gallipot Inn stumbled upon an old discarded bus stop sign which inspired a cheeky but effective plan to get buses to stop outside his pub. John Hawkridge, owner of the tavern for the past couple of years, apparently found the old sign in a hedge about four […]

December 17, 2016 United Kingdom
A file photo of an unrelated car dealership. Source: Facebook

Woman sues car dealership, claiming it ‘threatened to share her nude photos’

A woman from Dublin, Georgia is reportedly suing a local car dealer after making a claim that the business threatened to release nude photos of her following a dispute over adding leather seats to a vehicle. According to reports by local media, the customer, named as Amy D. Graham, first […]

December 16, 2016 US
The exterior of Aarows club where the incident took place. Source: Facebook

Sydney man caught adding hydrochloric acid to ‘lubricant dispenser’ at gay club

A 62-year old Sydney man could receive a prison sentence after he was allegedly caught filling a lubricant dispenser with hydrochloric acid at a gay and bisexual nightclub in western Sydney. Police will allege the man filled a dispenser in one of the rooms of Arrows Nightclub, Rydalmere, with hydrochloric acid […]

September 9, 2016 Australia