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A skull poses in this unrelated file photo. Source: Facebook

Sacramento Police investigate woman ‘carrying human skull on stick’

According to reports by local media outlets, a woman in Sacramento has been investigated by police after it is alleged she was spotted by members of the public ‘[carrying] a human skull on a stick through the streets’. Authorities are trying to establish the identity of the victim and the […]

December 28, 2016 US
A photo of Issac and Isabella at the shelter. Source: Facebook

Blind dog found wandering the streets saved from being put down by timely adoption

A blind husky found wandering the streets of San Bernardino County has narrowly avoided being put down after a generous couple, who have already rescued a number of abandoned dogs, agreed to adopt him. As reported by local media, the husky, who shelter employees christened Isaac, had been found roaming […]

December 28, 2016 US
Tara the cat celebrates her pet food windfall. Source: Facebook

Los Angeles cat wins lifetime supply of pet food after saving boy from dog attack

A pet food company has awarded a Los Angeles cat named Tara a lifetime supply of cat food after video emerged of it saving its owner – a six year old boy – from a vicious dog attack. The incident took place as the boy rode his bicycle in the […]

December 17, 2016 US
A sign outside the town of Hawthorne, where the incident occurred. Source: Facebook

Deaf man beaten and tasered by police after he tried to communicate with sign language

31-year old Jonathan Meister, a resident of the city of Hawthorne in southwestern Los Angeles County, is filing a lawsuit against the local police department after a misunderstanding led to him being beaten and tasered twice by officers. According to the lawsuit, Mr Meister, who is deaf, was collecting some […]

December 17, 2016 US