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An array of hot sauces pose in this file photo. Source: Facebook

Pennsylvania woman charged; forced child to eat ‘laxatives and hot sauce’

A woman from Lancaster County in Pennsylvania has been charged with forcing a 4-year old boy to ‘eat laxatives and hot sauce’, according to local media reports. Authorities claim that the woman first bound the child, before she “fed him a laxative concoction” and then made him drink hot sauce […]

December 28, 2016 US
A Beagle poses in a file photo. Source: Facebook

Toronto man accused of ‘throwing pet beagle from 7th floor’

Toronto police were called to an apartment building in the city’s east end after reports that a beagle had been thrown from a seventh floor balcony. Upon arriving, a 25 year old male has been charged with willfully causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and killing of a dog. The […]

December 28, 2016 Canada
A group of people pose at a bar in this unrelated file photo. Source: Facebook

Idaho babysitter ‘was in bar’ while 4-year-old roamed parking lot

Police in eastern Idaho say that a 27-year old babysitter responsible for a 4-year-old girl was in a bar, while the child was found wandering around a parking lot. The man now faces a charge of misdemeanor injury to a child. According to witnesses, the child was seen in the […]

December 28, 2016 US
James Verone's mugshot. Source: Facebook

North Carolina man steals $1 from bank, just to get free health care in jail

Life hasn’t been kind to 59-year old James Verone, a resident of Gaston County, North Carolina. After losing his job as a delivery man which he held for 17 years, he also lost his health insurance. That’s prevented him from seeking medical help for a number of painful complaints: slipped […]

December 28, 2016 US